Knipex was founded in 1882 and has grown to become the world’s leading manufacturer of pliers for professional use. With a very concentrated focus, Knipex sets out to do one thing and do it better than anyone else — make the best pliers and cutters! They have been succeeding at their mission for many years by controlling all aspects of their product design and manufacturing. All Knipex pliers are designed and manufactured in Germany.

Even good material only becomes tough and durable through careful heat treatment in precisely coordinated steps. In this way we produce a molecular steel structure which offers optimum hardness and toughness.

The “final touches” are put towards the end of the production process, and the hand-friendly grip or plastic coating is applied. 
Safety first: among other things, every single insulated pair of pliers must pass a voltage test at 10,000 volts. 

Our brand stands for a promise: 100% reliability. 
For example we check all of our diagonal cutters on wire before they leave the company. This is time-consuming, but it makes sure that we are guaranteed to satisfy the high requirements of users throughout the world.

There are 130 years of experience in each KNIPEX pliers as well as the know-how of many specialists. The quality of our pliers lies in the sum of many functions and properties which are ideally coordinated with each other. Designed and manufactured with a high degree of reliability and subjected to rigorous tests.

Things always start with forged pliers handles. Their shape and dimensions are generated from the pliers design, and the most suitable design for forging die derivated from this. Using special software, we can simulate the optimal distribution and compression of the 1,250 degree hot steel in the forging die.

We use high quality steel in our forging work, which is rolled according to our strict specifications.  We manufacture the dies with great accuracy from highly resistant material. The design and precision of the dies are important factors that affect quality and efficiency.


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